The Peruvian Ministry of Health has confirmed 141,779 positive cases and 4,009 fatalities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the day the country’s prime minister, Vicente Zeballos, faces a confidence motion regarding his management during the pandemic.

Peru has overcome the barrier of 4,000 deaths, two months after the first fatality, a 78-year-old man, was registered in Lima. Since March 16, Peru lives under a state of emergency that has been prolonged on several occasions, the last one until June 30.

The Peruvian capital, Lima, is the most affected region in the country, with more than 87,400 cases and nearly 1,500 deaths, according to the latest balance from the Ministry of Health.

Its neighbor Callao is the second, with more than 9,900 positives and 289 deaths, although there are other cities, such as Piura or Lambayeque, which despite having registered fewer infections, have recorded more deaths.

For his part, Prime Minister Zeballos is facing a confidence motion in the Peruvian Congress, where he has defended that, without the measures taken so far, the country would have counted “in the next few days” more than 83,000 deaths.

Zeballos explained to the House that “he never hesitated” to appear before Congress and recalled that, although last year there was “a stage of political tension” that caused the dissolution of Parliament and prevented solutions from being found to ” The main problems of the country “, he hopes that this time, in the midst of a global pandemic,” that experience will never repeat itself. “

“Our intention is to reach agreements that allow us to face the serious crisis caused by the pandemic and build a short, medium and long-term agenda that will allow us to reactivate the economy, tackle a joint social agenda and resume the path of development”, Zeballos has said.

The Prime Minister has assured that if the state of alarm had not been decreed during the first half of March, the death toll would have been higher and he thanked the population for their “sacrifice” and “effort” during these weeks.

So far, the Peruvian newspaper ‘El Comercio’ has pointed out, only Unión por el Perú and the Frente Amplio de Keiko Fujimori have chosen not to grant their vote of confidence to Zeballos and his government team.