The Spanish Police alerted this Tuesday of “several cases of patients admitted” due to coronaviruses who are “leaving” the hospitals on their own without being discharged by any doctor.


Spain It has been ten days in alarm and strong restrictions on population movement to contain the pandemic, but there are people who “are still quite irresponsible,” warned the deputy director of operations of the National Police, José Ángel González, at a press conference.

It is, he said, “several cases of patients admitted to different hospitals “of the country that” have left “the centers without which” no doctor “would have discharged them.

These “supposes a great job of localization, to see the traceability (journey followed by the patient) and with which taxi they have left”, in order to try to prevent the virus from spreading.

The chief of staff of the Civil Guard, Jose Manuel Santiago, lamented the “irresponsible and unsupportive behavior” of people who “remain unaware of the seriousness of the situation.”

Meanwhile, arrests and complaints of those who fail to comply with the limitations imposed by the Government, which only allow them to leave their homes to buy food, hygiene products and medicines, go to work or attend to dependent people in a justified way, increase.

Only on Monday, the Police filed another 6,000 more complaints for disobedience while the Civil Guard has been running since March 19 with an average above 3,000 daily.

In the Madrid region, the one most affected by the pandemic, law enforcement officers made 197 arrests since March 16, imposed 18,479 sanctions and detected 3,998 vehicles without authorization for transport.

The Municipal Police of Madrid will tighten controls on the streets from today and will require a business receipt from all people who ensure that they go to work.

All these measures, according to González, have a single objective: “To prevent our toilets from being overwhelmed by a number of infected people who can certainly be avoided”, since “the healthcare world is the heart to overcome this crisis.”