Coronavirus: “Our vaccine in Spain is going to work very well”

The processes to have a vaccine against the coronavirus soon continue to be developed around the world. The pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna have already announced the high efficacy of their vaccines and both companies are preparing to request authorization to begin distributing them. In Spain, work is also being done to find an effective and safe remedy for the disease and the results will soon begin to be reported.

“In a matter of weeks, we are going to do the tests in humanized mice and we will have the results, before the end of the year, that this works”, virologist Luis Enjuanes assures about the vaccine in which he works.

The first results, before 2021

The scientist, who is working in a laboratory of the National Center for Biotechnology (CNB / CSIC), was so forceful during a Conference on Vaccinations of the Spanish Society of Epidemiology. The optimism of these statements, which have been collected by Nius, They are based on his experience with a vaccine he previously developed for another coronavirus, SARS from 2002.

“We are quite convinced that this one now is going to work,” says Enjuanes. “Before the end of the year, we will have proof that there is protection with the vaccine. In the first part of next year, we will do tests in macaques, and the rest of the year we will do tests with humans “, adds the expert.

It will produce “a very strong immune response”

Enjuanes does not doubt the efficacy of this vaccine against COVID-19, but reveals that it has yet to be confirmed that it will be fully safe: “We are convinced that it will work well, but we still cannot guarantee that it will not produce side effects.” And explains: “That is what we will have to verify in human trials. In mice, we already know that it does not produce side effects that we have been able to detect. “

The CISC researchers say that this vaccine will be distributed later than others in development (the forecast is in late 2022 or early 2023), but that it will be fully effective and reliable against COVID-19. “It will be safe, and very powerful, with a very strong immune response”, reveals Luis Enjuanes.