Coronavirus | New maximum price for surgical masks: they will cost 0.62 euros

New maximum price of surgical masks from this Thursday. The Ministry of Health has published in the BOE the order that regulates that surgical masks they cannot cost more than 0.62 euros. The reduction occurs after the Council of Ministers approved this Tuesday the reduction of VAT from 21% to 4% for disposable surgical masks and it will be ratified this Wednesday by the Interministerial Commission on Drug Prices.

The ministerial order published in the BOE explains that this tax reduction occurs given the “widespread use that of these masks the population is being forced to make as a consequence of the prolongation of the pandemic ”. The reduction, in principle, will be maintained until December 31, 2021, with the aim that during this time this health crisis that has spread throughout the world can be put to an end.

Third time the maximum price is regulated

With this price, the maximum price of surgical masks is reduced again, after the journey it has had throughout the pandemic. It is the third that the value of the surgical mask is regulated. At first, in April, a maximum price of 0.96 euros per unit was set, after at the highest peak of the first wave and when sanitary products were lacking, they reached exorbitant prices.

The price of 0.96 euros per unit has been in force until last week, when the Government lowered it to 0.72 euros. Now, with the VAT reduction to 4%, each mask remains at 62 cents, once that super-reduced tax is in effect. As indicated by the Minister of Finance and also a Government spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, this Tuesday, the value drops “around 35%”.

VAT is not reduced on all types of masks

The reduction of VAT has been a demand of both political parties and certain groups in recent months, since it is a basic necessity of compulsory use. Finally, the Government responded to the demands after the European Commission confirmed that it will not open a legal procedure for this infraction.

The VAT reduction to 4%, of course, only affects disposable surgical masks, but not hygienic or FFP2 type, which continue to have a tax of 21%.