Coronavirus mourns nine families for the death of Tamaulipas minors

Although the pandemic has shown its worst face to the grandparents, who are mainly those who have lost the battle against covid-19, in Tamaulipas death did not spare nine children and adolescents who caught the virus.

Juanito was four years old and had some diseases that contributed to aggravating his health condition until the little one couldn’t take it anymore and expired his last breath amid the pain of his parents.

His departure destroyed the home of his family in Altamira, who never thought that this evil would take their son from them, because the government has always said that it is not common for the coronavirus to attack seriously at that age.

This tragedy was also experienced firsthand by the family of Rosita, a nine-year-old girl from Tampico whose forces were overcome by pneumonia caused by covid-19.

Just like them, two babies from the municipalities of Valle Hermoso and Matamoros who were just beginning to live; a three-year-old infant in Victoria, a 12-year-old adolescent in Reynosa; one in fifteen from the same border city and two 17-year-olds from Matamoros and Reynosa were attacked by a SARSCoV-2 Relentlessly, he ignored the widespread belief that the pandemic does not affect children as much.

Of these cases, the babies did not present any additional illness; of the rest it was indicated that they had immunosuppression, pneumonia and « other diseases ».

To date, there are nine deaths of minors from Tamaulipas due to the coronavirus, one more than four months ago, reported the Network for the Rights of the Child in Mexico, with data from National System for the Protection of Boys, Girls and Adolescents (Sipinna) and the Health Secretary of the federal government.

Regarding the number of positive cases, the statistics practically doubled in that period of time, since it went from 567 to 1,053 contagions of Tamaulipas from zero to seventeen years of age. Of these, 532 are men and 521 women.

In addition, there is a record of 35 suspects, of which 22 belong to the male gender and 13 to the female.