The United States is now the country with the most infections, and it is feared that the worst of the epidemic is just beginning. Other countries also go through complicated scenarios.

The Covid-19 that appeared in China, moved to Italy, passed through Spain and arrived in the United States, is devastating cities like New York which, until this Friday, account for 1,584 deaths.

The New York number surpasses entire countries like Germany, which has less than 1,200 fatalities.

The United States has become the country with the highest level of infections and the worst of the epidemic is just beginning. According to epidemiologists at the White House, between 100 and 200 deaths from coronavirus are predicted.

The projected figure is much higher than that of China for example, that to this day it has 3,326 deaths and has had almost 83,000 infections. In counterpart, the United States has registered almost 267 thousand infections, more than triple that of the country where the first cases of Covid -19 were registered.

Italy, on the other hand, seems to be finally having a drop in the death toll, as today was the first day in several weeks that it did not break its own record.

As second of the countries most affected by the disease, Italy it presents almost 120 thousand infections and about 15 thousand deaths. Due to the numbers, containment measures continue, as well as the use of public force to ensure mandatory quarantine for all residents.

Very close to the Italian figures, the Spanish people They are also in the table of the most affected countries, with almost 118,000 infected and almost 11,000 dead, 4,000 fewer than in Italy.

The Spanish government has tightened confinement measures, in addition to promoting economic projects that allow Spanish workers to get around the crisis a bit.

Germany It is another country with a high level of contagion, as the third most affected European country, it has almost 100,000 infected, although only 1,234 dead. A figure much lower than that of Spain and Italy.

New York Subway Central Station … desolate at rush hour …

– Sergio Novelli (@SergioNovelli) April 3, 2020

In Latin America cases continue to increase.

The country with the most infections is still Brazil with 8 thousand 200 infections and 343 deaths. The federal government of this country has been questioned for not taking the health crisis seriously and not generalizing the state of emergency throughout the country.

Chile and Ecuador They are the following Latin American countries with the most infections: in both cases there are just over 3 thousand cases of patients. However, the death figures are very different, since compared to the 22 Chilean deaths, Ecuador registers 145.

The country, located in the center of the planet, has been the victim of national and international questions due to the disorganization of emergency systems It allowed confusion and the news that the corpses were being abandoned on the streets for fear of families becoming infected. (Ntx)