No evidence that partial closures help slow coronavirus rebound, expert warns

There is no evidence that closing bars and nightclubs and other businesses will delay the resurgence of the coronavirus in parts of the United States, according to Dr. Peter Hotez, an infectious disease specialist and dean of the tropical medicine school at Baylor College of Medicine.

“Until now, most governors have been unwilling to carry out that full confinement that was so successful in Northeast New York in March and April,” Hotez told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

“So they are trying to see if they can do this surgically, which means closing bars or 50% of restaurants and encouraging the use of masks or, in some cases, forcing the use of masks and not reaching that complete closure”, said.

Many states like Florida, Texas and Arizona are taking unsystematic measures locally instead of total confinements to try to flatten the curve again. Some cities and counties require the use of masks, while others do not.

Hotez said they are also trying to “eat their own cake.”

“My point is, what is the evidence that this will work? Have you been reviewing epidemiological models, working with scientists to see what the impact of all these surgical attacks is, if they are going to have a reduction in the number of cases? And I have not seen that.

“So what they are trying to do is try to maintain economic openness, hoping that the surgical measures will also work,” he said.

Hotez also anticipates that the thousands of new cases across the country will result in deaths in the coming weeks, and he hopes, once again, that low-income minority communities will do worse.

“I am quite convinced that the majority of these cases, or many of these cases and deaths that will follow in the next three weeks, are occurring in low-income neighborhoods, therefore black, Hispanic, Latino, Native American populations,” he said. Hotez.