Brazil reports more than 54,000 cases of covid-19 in a single day, beating the US record.

Brazil reported 54,771 new cases of coronavirus this Friday. Brazil’s health ministry said the country’s record peak in recently reported coronavirus cases was due in part to “instability” in the way a few populated states published their data.

The more than 54,000 cases recently reported on Friday are higher than the largest single-day increase in the United States, which was 48,529 new cases reported on April 25, according to a CNN count based on data from Johns Hopkins University.

Brazil is the country most affected by covid-19 in Latin America and the second in the world. Their cases and deaths skyrocketed with the advance of the pandemic, and the curve is far from flattening.

The more than 54,000 new cases this Friday are a record daily peak that brought the national total to 1,032,913 cases of covid-19 in the South American country.

Brasil supera la marca del millón de casos de coronavirus: ¿cómo alcanzó este punto?

Brasil llegó al millón de casos: es el país más afectado por el covid-19 en Latinoamérica y el segundo en todo el mundo. Así fue el camino que lo llevó a este punto.

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The newly reported cases make Brazil the second country in the world to register more than a million cases of the virus, after the United States, which passed that number on April 28.

Brazil also reported 1,206 new deaths from viruses, bringing the country’s total to 48,954.

The ministry said the large number of cases reported on Friday was due in part to “instability in the routine of exporting data related, mainly, to the states of Bahia, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo on Thursday, June 18.”

For example, the state of São Paulo, the most populous in Brazil and the epicenter of its covid-19 outbreak, reported 1,111 new cases of coronavirus on Thursday and 19,030 on Friday.

The note from the health ministry on Friday said that “it is worth noting that the conclusion of the epidemiological week on Saturday 6/20 will allow a more accurate assessment of the variation in new cases this week compared to last week.”

The record increase in cases came as Brazil became the second country in the world to exceed the million reported cases, a milestone for covid-19 that had previously only crossed the United States.

However, a one-day peak in reported cases is not the same as a one-day peak in actual cases due to the time lag between testing and reporting.

– With information from Taylor Barnes and Keith Allen of CNN in Atlanta and the journalist Rodrigo Pedroso in São Paulo.