Coronavirus | Juan Andrés: “As soon as possible, my wife, my parents, my children and I will get vaccinated”

The month of November has been accompanied by great news regarding the development of a vaccine against COVID-19. Last Monday, November 9, the pharmacist Pfizer announced that his drug was 90% effective, even though should be kept at about -70ºC. Now has been the company Modern who has published more hopeful results. Yesterday he stated in a statement that his vaccine had a 94.5% effective and that “remains stable between 2ºC and 8 ° C, the temperature of a standard domestic refrigerator, for 30 days “, while” it remains stable at -20 ° C for up to six months”.

While the results are still provisional, Juan Andrés, Director of Technical and Quality Operations at Moderna, believes that “They are very reliable”. The expert explained that they intended to analyze the results when there were 53 infected participants and that, nevertheless, there have been 95. “The independent data and safety evaluation committee contacted us saying that there were 95 people who had been infected, detailing who had the vaccine and who placebo. The results are quite conclusive and the statistical index is very accurate in this case, “he explained on the SER network.

In addition to the precision in terms of the effectiveness of the drug, Andrés also relies on its total security: “There is a scientific seriousness awesome behind this. There is a lot of work, passion and love. It’s pure science, pure medicine”. It also ensures that the battle is against the virus, and not between the companies that develop the drug. Therefore, he confessed that he will not hesitate to get vaccinated when the time comes: “As for me, it is my turn and the vaccine is available I’m going to wear it, my children, my wife and my parents will wear it. What I would tell people is that there is less left and that they trust ”.

Mild side effects

The side effects It is one of the factors that arouses the most suspicion in citizens. Instead, Andrés assured that these “not only registered, but requested. It is part of the protocol ”. He explained that of the 30,000 people who have participated in phase 3 of the trial, 15,000 have placebo, a saline solution without any activity, and another 15,000 have the vaccine. And the results are that there are hardly any negative consequences.

Most of the adverse effects were mild or moderate and lasted for a very short time.. The most severe were very specific. But the most common side effects do not indicate any kind of severity or alarm “, he specified. “11 of the 95 people who became ill were seriously ill and all of them received placebo, no vaccine. They are tremendously satisfactory results, even in people who may not protect the vaccine it does help them not to get seriously ill, “he added.

Effective in vulnerable people

Andrés welcomes the drug efficacy in older people, a group that the study focused on. In the ad, the company highlights that there was 7,000 participants over 65 years old and 5,000 below the same, but with chronic diseases associated with a higher risk of suffering a serious coronavirus, such as diabetes or obesity. “We made a great effort to ensure that the people who were represented in the trial were vulnerable people“Said the expert, who explained that, of the 95 infected people, 15 were over 65 years of age. It also revealed that people from various ethnicities, “So that it can be a fairly faithful representation of social diversity.”

Duration of immunity is anyone’s guess

Regarding how long the vaccine will keep us protected against COVID-19, Andrés acknowledged that we will have to wait to find out, although “There are very good prospects”. “The vaccine has two doses, the first already generates antibodies and the second is a booster. From an immune point of view, the second dose lengthens these antibodies. Once a booster dose is given 28 days later, a traditionally longer-lasting immunity is built, but this isWe will only check it over time”, He detailed.


Regarding when the drug will be available, he has ensured that the first doses of the vaccine could begin to be distributed in the United States by the end of the year, as long as they receive authorization from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, for its acronym in igles). An authorization that will be requested in the coming weeks. The idea is to produce 20 million doses of the vaccine for distribution in the United States before the end of 2020, while by 2021 the goal is to manufacture between 500 and 1,000 million.

In Europe, deadlines are a little slower because they still need authorization, but they have already started to manufacture the vaccine as well: “We have made a alliance with Lonza (Switzerland) and with Rovi, here in Madrid, which is helping us with international distribution ”.