Coronavirus.- Israel begins second phase of national reopening as vaccination campaign progresses


Israel began this Sunday the second phase of easing the restrictions imposed six weeks ago to curb the spread of the coronavirus, so from now on street shops, shopping centers, markets, museums and libraries will be open to the entire population.

Students in the fifth and sixth years of primary school and in the last two years of secondary school will be able to return to classrooms in cities with a low mortality rate, after the youngest, in preschool and first years of primary school, did so more than one week. Meanwhile, seventh through tenth grades across the country continue remote learning for at least another two weeks.

Gyms, sporting and cultural events, as well as hotels and swimming pools, are suitable only for those who have received both doses of the vaccine or have recovered and have the so-called “green passport”; a system that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has urged Israelis to use: a digital document certifying immunization with both doses of the vaccine, issued by the Ministry of Health.

The third stage is expected to begin on March 7, when cafes or restaurants are expected to reopen, or the return to school of students from courses that for now continue with virtual classes.

The gradual reopening in the country continues while the Ben Gurion International Airport has been almost completely closed since the end of January to prevent the entry of mutations, and this week it extended its closure until March 6.

So far more than 4.2 million Israelis have received their first dose of vaccine and more than 2.8 million have received both injections.