Coronavirus is no longer just a virus that terrified the world since his appearance, now we will see him fighting in the ring.

A fighter named after the Sars Cov II virus in Guanajuato and participated in a tournament called Copa Covid 19.

Although there are not many details about it, It is said that he had an important participation in the tournament being the Stellar fighter.

And it is not for less, because I had a green mask with the design that identifies the same virus.

It is not known exactly where or Arena This tournament was held, but the place had 50 people as public.

Currently not authorized in any place in the country holding massive events such as wrestling functions.

For this to happen you must wait the authorization of the corresponding authorities to carry it out.

Even so, we have seen functions, such as in the Margarita Arena, who have performed without sanitary measures.

Contrary case of companies like Triple A who were concerned about sanitizing the ring at all times.

Or they even think of projects like Auto Fights to revive the massive events.

Another clear case is Vanguardia, who had a project similar to Auto Luchas, but ended up being canceled.

In the United States WWE performs its functions with little public and in the Performance Center.

They even thought of performing SummerSlam on the beach or a boat pTo innovate in event payments.

Other companies follow the same example, Like AEW or Impact Wrestling, they record their shows at an assigned location.

In Japan we saw NJPW carry out Dominion with the public, but with all the corresponding sanitary measures.

We must wait to see the public in the arenas again, meanwhile, Coronavirus will be waiting to attack.