Coronavirus in Tamaulipas today February 23. Latest news and cases

Follow in this minute by minute the latest advances in numbers of confirmed cases, deaths, recovered, government actions, stories and more reports about the health crisis by the covid-19.

They confirm 35 new infections and 30 deaths from coronavirus

This Tuesday, the Secretary of Health, Gloria Molina Gamboa confirmed 35 new cases and 30 deaths in Tamaulipas, and warned that « the risk of infections and serious complications remains high, » for which she recommended extreme preventive measures.

With the update, the official figure as of February 23 is 49 thousand 348 accumulated positives, of which 43 thousand 802 have recovered and 4 thousand 420 are deaths.

Covid-19 creates routes in the southern area of ​​Tamaulipas

The pandemic edged the dealerships and drivers to create new routes of public transport in Tampico Y Log, which, necessarily happens in front of hospitals.

This route leaves from the area of Madero Civil Hospital, go through the Regional, IMSS and the Tired, until reaching the Tancol colony, in the north of Tampico.

150 frontline workers remain without covid vaccine: Health Jurisdiction

The boss of the Sanitary Jurisdiction number two, Héctor Pérez Monsiváis, I confirm that 150 frontline workers they stay no vaccine anti covid.

He commented that so far no indications of when the inoculation will take place and that they are waiting that it is fulfilled.

They want a vaccine also for the south of Altamira

Proposes Altamira to the Federation install vaccination modules Also in the south of Altamira so that everything is not concentrated on him CBTIS 105 and it has capacity in three zones with ample space and support staff by the DIF system.

The mayoress of this municipality Alma Laura Amparán Cruz, noted that it was proposed the Monte Alto sector, Miramar Y Florida Lagoon, for the app and vent the only two assets at present, however, they have only been told that they will see that topic.

They confirm 35 new infections and 06 deaths from covid-19

The pandemic of covid-19 in Tamaulipas added this monday 35 new infections Y 06 deaths associated with the virus, reported the Secretary of Health, Gloria Molina Gamboa in your daily report. With the update, the official figure in the state is 49,313 positives accumulated, of which 43,723 have recovered Y 4,390 are deaths.