Coronavirus in Tamaulipas today February 22. Latest news and cases

Follow this minute by minute the latest advances in case numbers confirmed, deaths, recovered, government actions, stories and more reports about the health crisis for him covid-19.

They confirm 35 new infections and 06 deaths from covid-19

The covid-19 pandemic in Tamaulipas added 35 new infections and 06 deaths associated with the virus this Monday, the Secretary of Health, Gloria Molina Gamboa, reported in her daily report.

With the update, the official figure in the state is 49 thousand 313 accumulated positives, of which 43 thousand 723 have recovered and 4 thousand 390 are deaths.

Hospital infrastructure declines in Tamaulipas due to the pandemic

The workers in Hospital centers and of Health they have stated that infrastructure has been dropped at this moment of pandemic, Y made it known that these were began to get worse as a result of the health contingency.

At Tampico Health Center, for example, men’s restrooms intended for the public they do not work and repairs they have not been able carry out due to pandemic.

Likewise, the workers of the ISSSTE in Tampico refer that the facilities are also in bad conditions, the bathrooms are bad, there is nothing as simple as paper or soap, while cleaning staff is needed.

Death certificate procedures due to covid in Madero Civil Registry drop 90%

Decreases to 90 percent of death certificate procedures for covid-19, in the office of Civil Registry of Ciudad Madero, reported its owner Gloria Margarita Chacón Zavala.

The Secretary Officer, indicated that there has been a reduction on the request of these minutes compared to January when they requested up to 87, Meanwhile in February Until now only 11 go.

Tamaulipas Hospital with 100% occupancy of beds with ICU ventilator

Just a hospital in Tamaulipas it’s found with one hundred percent of occupation beds with ICU fan; is he general Hospital zone Matamoros 13 that is maintained with this attention in severe covid patients.

In the statistics it is observed in second site to the IMSS hospital in Madero with 70 percent occupancy, and in 60 percent, the regional general hospital 270 of Reynosa.

Health confirms 50 new infections and 03 deaths from coronavirus

During the last 24 hours Tamaulipas recorded 50 contagions of covid-19 and confirmed 03 deaths, reported the Secretary of Health, Gloria Molina Gamboa who reiterated the call to respect health security measures to reduce the number of cases and serious complications.

With the new report the official figure in the state is 49 thousand 278 accumulated positives, of which 43 thousand 632 have recovered and 4 thousand 384 are deaths.