Coronavirus in Tamaulipas today February 20. Latest news and cases

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Tamaulipas / 02.20.2021 23:58:12

Until yesterday Friday, February 19 were reported in Tamaulipas, 86 COVID-19 positive patients Y 24 deaths for complications severe associated with virus, according to data from the State Health Secretariat. With the report, the official balance of the pandemic It is 49,172 accumulated positives, of which 43,438 have recovered Y 4,365 are deaths.

Once again they urge the population to avoid leave needlessly Y beef up preventive measures; since they reported new cases on the South Zone of the state, thus having 3 confirmed infections in Altamira, 5 cases in Tampico and 6 in Madero City.

56 new infections and 16 deaths from coronavirus confirmed

In her daily balance on the covid-19 pandemic in Tamaulipas, the Secretary of Health, Gloria Molina Gamboa cconfirmed 56 new cases and 16 deaths associated with the virus SARS-COV2, for which he asked the population to maintain social isolation as much as possible.

Molina Gamboa reported that as of February 20, the official figure is 49 thousand 228 accumulated positives, of which 43 thousand 559 have recovered and 4,381 are deaths.

Tampico makes available sites for the vaccine against covid-19

The Tampico municipality assured that it has responded to requests from health agencies for the Logistics on the app of vaccineseven put layout multiple sites by the time the anti covid vaccination at the port.

Jesus Nader Nasrallah, porteño municipal president, reported that the requests of the military and health authorities for equipment to use during the app of vaccines, What tables, chairs, tents, among other elements.

He indicated that, at the time the vaccination I arrived at Tampico, there are municipal spaces which can be arranged as the Municipal auditorium or even in the Carpenter’s lagoon, to do it in vehicles as it happened with influenza vaccination.