Coronavirus | “If all goes well, we will deliver the first doses before Christmas”

European and US institutions could approve the use of the coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech in mid-December, according to the executive director of the German company, Ugur Sahin.

Speaking to . TV, Sahin has predicted that, if all goes well, the US Food and Drug Administration could approve the emergency use of the vaccine by the end of the first half of December. or at the beginning of the second. “The approval in the European Union will take place in the second half of December”. “If all goes well, we will get approval in the second half of December and we will start deliveries before Christmas, but really if all goes well”Sahin insisted.

Today Pfizer and BioNTech have revealed that the vaccine would be 95% effective and with hardly any side effects, according to the tests carried out by the company in patients of different age groups.

The race for the vaccine is not a competition

I do not expect a competitive situation in the first nine months, because each dose of vaccine that is approved is welcome and will be used well.“, has declared.

Monday was the company Moderna, who published her preliminary studies, in which she claimed that the vaccine was 94.5% effective.. AstraZeneca, another of the companies that is in the last stages of its studies, is expected to publish its data before the end of the year.

The first companies to get their vaccines approved will not compete with each other. I suppose it will not be like that until after the middle of 2021, where each vaccine will be distinguished from the others with a specific profile”, Explained Sahin, who has also insisted that his company and Pfizer are working so that their vaccine does not require conservation at -80 degrees Celsius to facilitate the administration of the drug in developing countries.