One of the claims of tourism in Ibiza, the macro discotheques, will not be the protagonists this summer, since the Balearic government has prohibited their opening as a preventive measure against the coronavirus.

Thus, mythical names such as Pachá, Amnesia, Privilege, Space or Ushuaia They will not be able to welcome tourists wanting to party and dance. Restrictive measures affecting nightclubs and discos clash squarely with the business model of large halls, as the Balearic government will not allow the opening of premises of more than 300 square meters. Those who do not reach that surface will be allowed to open, but with time limits (until 02:30) and capacity.

Francina Armengol’s team fears that large areas at night and excess may become sources of infection. Nightlife entrepreneurs have been against it and even offered the possibility of doing ‘pilot tests’ to be able to open respecting capacity limitations. They fear that the measure could lengthen over time and end up changing the island’s business model.

Night businessmen, against: more private parties.

The Leisure Manager of Ibiza, José Luis Benítez, defends that “the big discotheques are prepared to open with all the security measures in a maximum period of ten days” and always respecting the guidelines given by the autonomous government.

In Benítez’s opinion, the ban will proliferate “private and illegal parties in villas or private houses and hidden places in the mountains, with the danger that this will entail.” In addition, he pointed out that the promoters of the possible private parties will not leave any money on the islands, causing great damage to both the great rooms and the island itself. In addition, Benítez adds that in Ibiza there are currently eight large party rooms, and in each one of them they work between 300 and 350 people directly, in addition to more than one hundred indirectly. According to his data, that would mean that more than 3,000 jobs would be lost between the large rooms alone.

Alcohol and excess tourism is persecuted in the Balearic Islands, where a decree prohibits in four tourist areas of Mallorca and Ibiza (Magaluf in Calviá, Playa de Palma and S’Arenal in Palma and Llucmajor, and Sant Antoni de Pormany in Ibiza) advertising related to alcohol consumption and open bars, Ethyl excursions, happy hours, hotel self-dispensers of alcohol and the sale of alcoholic beverages in stores between 9:30 pm and 8:00 am.