Coronavirus I The official Health statistics leaves 8,000 deaths unaccounted for during the second wave

The coronavirus advances in Spain and has already left more than 1.45 million cases and 40,769 fatalities since the health crisis began in our country. The second wave of the disease returns to leave heartbreaking data and some Autonomous Communities request a home confinement to end both infections and deaths.

Regarding the number of deceased by coronavirus in this second wave, since the month of July, the Ministry of Health offers the figure of 11,000 deaths with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19while the latter report of the Mortality Monitoring System (MoMo) of the Carlos III Health Institute has dated a excess deaths in Spain from July 20 to November 11, 19,346, that is to say, 8,000 more deaths than those reported by the Ministry of Health.

Deaths from other causes

During this period, they have also registered deaths from other causes, not just because of coronavirus. This is because individuals do not visit the doctor less and this makes hospitals more saturated.

The authorities do not explain these data and experts report that this year there are more deaths from heart attacks and cancer, since the treatments due to COVID-19 are not being adequate. In addition, they report that there is a delay in the diagnoses of cancer patients.

Heart attacks double

Àngel Cequier, member of the Cardiology Service of the Bellvitge University Hospital and president of the Spanish Society of Cardiology, has spoken in the program ‘Day by day’ of the SER string and has explained: “Deaths from heart attacks doubled in the first wave. We do not yet have the data for this second period because we documented the data for the first wave about two months after they occurred. ”

We have the feeling that the number of deaths due to heart attack has not worsened because of the recommendations after the results of the first wave, which were really dramatic “, has added.

Difficulty in coding deaths

Phase shift 8,000 deaths between the government count and the MoMo figures: “In our country there is a problem and it is that the codification of the causes of death is not simple and until months pass you cannot know exactly “, has said.

It must be borne in mind that in a patient who dies, it is sometimes not easy to differentiate whether the death has been exclusively attributed to COVID-19 or is a consequence of COVID-19 having destabilized pathologies that patients had. These patients can die from cardiovascular diseases or lung disease, even though the determining mechanism has been COVID-19 ”, has reported.


About the possible sequelae that the coronavirus can leave, the expert has explained: “A significant percentage of patients, a third, have data that indicate inflammation of the heart, not because of the virus, but because of the entire inflammatory storm that occurs in relation to COVID-19. It gives the impression that this inflammation is disappearing, but we do not yet have data for medium-long-term follow-up to know if there are important sequelae “, has concluded for Cadena SER.