Coronavirus I Pfizer raises the effectiveness of its vaccine to 95%

The race for the coronavirus vaccine continues. After what Modern (94.5%) and Sputnik V of Russia (92%) exceeded 90% effectiveness of Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine, the American pharmaceutical company and the German biotechnology company have announced this Wednesday a 5% increase in the effectiveness of their candidate drug to end COVID-19. Thus, Pfizer’s vaccine ranks as the most effective drug, beating Moderna’s drug by 0.5%.

“Efficacy was consistent across age, race, and ethnicity demographics. The efficacy observed in adults over 65 years of age was greater than 94% ”, Pfizer and BioNTech have explained in a joint statement collected by CNN.

No serious security issues

One of the last analysis of final phase III trials has been in charge of offering this great news to the authors of the vaccine, who have not hesitated to report it through a statement. Furthermore, both companies also have reported that they have passed all the required safety requirements, that is the drug has not caused any serious problems in those volunteers who have been given the doses.

The American Pharmaceutical and the German Company have counted a total of 170 coronavirus infections among volunteers who participated in clinical trials. 162 of these infections have occurred in individuals who were given a placebo, while the other eight remaining did receive the royal vaccine. Still, these eight individuals did not present severe symptoms because of COVID-19. “This results in an efficiency of 95% from the 28 days after the first dose “, have reported in the statement.

“Till the date, the Data Monitoring Committee for the study has not reported any serious safety concerns related to the vaccine. The only requested grade 3 (serious) adverse event greater than or equal to 2% in frequency after the first or second dose was the fatigue to 3.7% after the second dose “, they explain.

Tolerance in all age groups

“The rapid protection this vaccine provides, combined with its tolerance profile across all age groups studied so far, should help make this vaccine an important tool in addressing the current pandemic.”, has indicated the executive director of BioNTech, Ugur Sahin.