Coronavirus I Margarita del Val shows her skepticism with the announced vaccines

In the last days Pfizer Y Modern have announced the high effectiveness of their vaccines to end the disease of COVID-19. In the absence of authorizations from the relevant authorities for the supply and distribution of the vaccine, It is expected that citizens can start getting vaccinated as early as January 2021.

But, despite the great news that vaccines can be highly effective, there are some experts who do not fully trust them. It is the case of the virologist Margarita del Val, who in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’ has surprised the presenter herself with her opinion on these drugs: “I still don’t see any light”, The expert responded when the presenter announced: “At least we see the light.”

Vaccines that do not protect against severe cases and deaths

“A little bit has been advanced. It has climbed a step on a fairly long ladder, but these vaccines only protect against mild and moderate cases “, has warned.

“This is not a product that we need at all. This is not a product that any person needs to fix his life or any population or any country to fix anything. This is a small step ”, has said.

“These vaccines do not guarantee, at the moment, that they will protect from what really interests us: severe symptoms and death. I am not at all excited. On the contrary. I am a little upset because these details have not been made. I am sorry to be so pessimistic, but I’ve been on vaccines all my life and this doesn’t convince me at all ”, has added.

In winter severe cases will return

“I have no doubts that they are going to have safety because the side effects of vaccines appear in the first six weeks after vaccination”, has stated.

“Then when ten million cases are vaccinated they will be able to know if there is an adverse effect in ten million. Many are vaccinated so that the few who end up catching the virus will give the information “, the virologist said.

“Throughout the winter months there will start to be cases of the serious illness to see if it protects against serious illness, which is what we need. These numbers are fantastic, but they are going to change ”, has warned in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’.