Coronavirus I Janssen Vaccine: Who Makes It, How It Is Made And In Which Countries It Will Be Tested

In recent days, several candidate vaccines (Pfizer, Modern and Russia) have announced the effectiveness of more than 90% in their vaccines against coronavirus, which means that, in the absence of the approval of the competent authorities for its supply and distribution, the drug that can end the coronavirus pandemic is getting closer.

Following in the line of good news, Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) he has authorized this Monday the clinical trial in phase III of the vaccine candidate of the company Janssen, belonging to the multinational Johnson & Johnson. Total, nine countries will participate in this study that will have 30,000 volunteers. This antidote, like most vaccines being tested, will consist of two doses and, in our country, the study will be carried out in nine hospitals in Catalonia, Madrid and Navarra.

Janssen Laboratories

The drug is a product of the American Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson and the United States Authority for Advanced Biomedical Research and Development (BARDA).

Vaccine formula

The Janssen vaccine, known as Ad26.COV2.S, is based on a non-replicative recombinant adenovirus. It is characterized by search for an immune system response to the coronavirus protein S.

In nine countries

The phase III trial will have a few 30,000 volunteers and will take place in nine countries: Spain, Belgium, Colombia, France, Germany, the Philippines, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Phase III is the last step researchers have to go through to see if the candidate vaccine meets expectations. The competent authorities will have the last word and will approve the supply and distribution of the new drug.