Coronavirus I Health recommendations with antigen tests and PCR

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many non-urgent surgical interventions have had to delay due to measures and restrictions in hospitals, as well as the sanitary collapse that is occurring in Spain due to the coronavirus. Little by little the appointments have been resumed, but Before the surgical operation, patients must undergo tests that determine whether or not they are infected with the COVID-19 virus.

As reported Medical Writing, past Nov. 16, the Ministry of Health published a new version of your document ‘Recommendations for scheduling surgery in safe conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic’, where are they mentioned changes in diagnostic tests performed on patients prior to surgery. Among the modifications, Health advises hospitals not to substitute PCR for antigen tests.

Clinical evaluation

In addition to carrying out the corresponding tests, the report also recalls the clinical and epidemiological evaluation by health personnel of patients who are pending surgery, regardless of whether the result is negative.

“The appropriate surveillance measures will be taken so that no pre-surgical patient who has been positive in the screening, goes to the hospital without being notified by his doctor”, add the report.

PCR is more advisable

The new document informs about the possibility that hospitals perform antigen tests on patients before being operated on, but in contrast, they point out that the PCR test is more advisable since antigen tests sometimes do not detect positive individuals, which that would result in false negatives in asymptomatic people. Despite this, they offer the possibility of using it in those patients with compatible symptoms of less than five days of evolution.

The test that the Ministry of Health recommends the most is PCR. Experts suggest that it be done in the hours closest to the intervention, during the previous 72 hours. They also advise alerting the patient to their activities to avoid infections after the test.