Coronavirus I Harsh criticism of Ayuso from the German weekly ‘Stern’, nicknamed “the Spanish Trump”

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, is giving a lot to talk about in the last days in Germany. Recently, the ‘Deutsche Presse-Agentur ‘ (DPA) published a report in which he talked about how Madrid had improved its data without having imposed restrictive measures compared to other areas or places. They even praised her. But, a new German publication in the weekly ‘Stern’ It has changed the opinion of the Germans about the president of the Madrid region.

Stern has gone down a completely different line than the DPA and has accused Ayuso of manipulating the statistics. But the German magazine has gone much further and has decided to nickname the Madrid president as “The Spanish Trump”.

“Get attention with extravagant arguments”

“He always relies on confrontation rather than cooperation with the social democratic central government. He has a strange concept of the truth and draws attention with extravagant arguments “, writes ‘Stern’ on its pages.

With these words, the weekly refers, for example, to some statements that Ayuso made in May, during the de-escalation in the Community of Madrid: “Every day there are abuses and that’s not why you ban cars.”

“Given that Madrid suffered the fatal consequences like no other region, it was an insult to many of the families of the victims”, the weekly has harshly criticized the words spoken by the Madrid president.

Criticism of the Spanish press

Stern also criticizes that the Spanish media talk about the “Miracle of the Community of Madrid” as well as other means of his compatriots, such as his own DPA or the newspaper ‘Die Welt’.

“The elderly were forbidden to be transferred to hospitals, according to Ayuso government documents published by Infolibre. About 7,300 people have died as a result of these practices, which does not appear in the statistics of coronavirus deaths, since they have never been proven ”, also comments the German weekly.

Manipulation of official data

“The incidence of the pandemic in the Community of Madrid is questionable because these figures can be easily manipulated through the number of tests and the way they are carried out. In Madrid, contagion is barely tracked “adds ‘Stern’.

“The fact that the death toll in Madrid on Thursday rose to 41, the highest level in the past week, does not indicate a miracle in Madrid either”, denounces the weekly.

“Madrid also stands out for its lack of follow-up. The fact that testing in the vicinity of infected people has been severely restricted over the past five weeks also indicates that they deliberately want to reduce the number of infections ”, Add.

“In view of the lack of clarity of the data, it can hardly be judged whether the situation in Madrid is really improving at the moment”, concludes the weekly ‘Stern’.