Coronavirus I García Rojas: “It seems that we are attending a vaccine race according to the company”

The coronavirus vaccine is getting closer and closer and laboratories like Pfizer Y Modern have already announced the high percentage of effectiveness of their candidate vaccine against COVID-19. Too Russia has announced 92% efficacy of its vaccine Sputnik. But for some experts, the speed of getting the drug out as soon as possible could cause doubts in citizens when wanting to inject the antidote.

The country has spoken with the president of the Spanish Association of Vaccination, Amos García Rojas, who asks for prudence with the vaccine, although he sees optimism in the data from the pharmaceutical companies.

Moderna’s vaccine

On Modern, the expert points out: “They continue to add optimism to the availability of products that have a good quality of intervention against the pandemic. The effectiveness they are having, according to their results, is very high. Although I would have liked the results not to be staged in a press release, but in relevant scientific journals, which allow us to better assess the impact from a scientific point of view ”, points out.

“What the vaccine does is that to prevent one from being affected by the virus, it prevents the disease. Its impact on the serious forms is not yet defined “, He says.

Differences between Pfizer and Moderna

Differences between Moderna and Pfizer vaccines: “Both have a good standard of efficiency and their development line is very similar as well. Perhaps the most obvious advantage is logistical, since one of the vaccines (the one from Pfizer) has to be kept at a temperature of minus 80 degrees and the other does not ”, Explain.

The announcements of the efficacy of both vaccines have been made through official communications from the companies themselves, but in no case have they been published in any scientific journal: “I am going to stay situated in an angle of good faith and I am going to think that it is due to the need to bring optimism to the public after so much black news, so much unease and so much confusion. From the bad side, we can think about stock movements and issues of these “he points out.

Drug safety

Could the speed of obtaining the vaccine affect the safety of the medicine ?: “No, not safety. What they can put are some doubts and questions in the citizenship. That does worry me. It appears that we are attending a vaccine race according to the company. And that is not good because it generates concern in the public. The logical thing is that the results are presented in the scientific media and little by little we will see the impact. How curious !: Pfizer comes out, 90% effective; then Sputnik, 92%; and now Modern, 94%. It does not seem like a reasonable way to gain the adherence of citizens ”, he warns.

Spaniards have doubts

Doubts of the Spaniards when it comes to getting the vaccine: “It is consistent with the doubts and uncertainties and some movements that have occurred in relation to the pandemic. That response from a large percentage of the citizenry makes sense. But we are a country that has very internalized what vaccines have meant as a basic public health tool and I believe that when vaccines arrive, possibly this profile of lack of adherence that some citizens have regarding them will gradually disappear. The key is this reflection: what is the alternative? Continue with the pain, the suffering and continue to deepen the economic crisis? The alternative is much stronger than the small side effect that a vaccine could have “, Add.

A mandatory vaccine?

“I think it should not be mandatory because we are a vaccinating country and with a reasonable discourse we should make that lack of adherence that a person has to disappear. Making it mandatory could have negative side effects related to vaccination. Now, if we are vaccinating and coverage does not grow and the pandemic goes on and on, perhaps the need to apply mandatory criteria should be reconsidered. But not now, “he says.

García Rojas has it clear. He would be vaccinated: “Without a doubt. For three reasons: because I am a doctor, because I am over 60 years old and because I have a basic pathology, which is hypertension. I know that it is the only thing that is going to prevent at this time from having the possibility of infecting me “, he concludes for The country.