Coronavirus I Charlatán: the restaurant that has won the heart of Seville in the middle of the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is taking out the more human side of some people who do not hesitate to offer their help to those who need it. In this case we speak of Charlatan, a restaurant in Seville that has decided to carry out an initiative to feed the needy.

Charlatan was going to close due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19, but instead, has decided to continue opening on weekends for what diners, thanks to their visits, can help the restaurant serve food to those without resources for free during the week (Monday through Thursday).

The sororities manage the meals

The brotherhoods of Seville will be in charge of managing the entries of 15 people a day to the restaurant as explained to . the owner of Charlatan, Jaime Rodríguez de Moya. Each brotherhood he will collaborate on the same day of the week that he goes out in procession at Holy Week.

“The reception has been spectacular and I already have applications for months, although I hope that is not the case. It would mean that we have been able to open again ”, Jaime expresses.

Four years of business

“We were in a sweet moment, we had been four years old and we were growing. The first wave was the total closure. We opened in September and we have defended jobs and numbers, but the latest restrictions make the performance of any hospitality business impossible ”, laments the owner of Charlatán for ..

Restrictions in Andalusia

The new restriction measures in Andalusia They force the hospitality industry to close their premises at 6:00 p.m., so dinners in restaurants in the region will have to be postponed for at least a while: “We were going to close every weekday lunchtime, but I don’t like closed businesses and I didn’t like what he was going to communicate. Standing at a traffic light I thought that, to keep it closed, I closed it but to feed people who need it ”, remember.

Without abandoning customers or employees

“There are customers who have offered to order one menu and pay for two, but I don’t want people to pay extra money. While I can, I will not abandon you “Jaime has said.

The employer does not contemplate the option of food delivery: “Between trying that without knowing what the future is and helping those in need, I help my workers and also fifteen people. There are not many, but as long as we can endure… It is not about putting money in your pocket ”, points to ..