Coronavirus I Bill Gates’s influence on the Pfizer vaccine

Pfizer and BioNTech announced a week ago the high effectiveness of its candidate vaccine against coronavirus: 90%. Thanks to this announcement, hopes to defeat COVID-19 are growing, especially after Moderna and Russia have also announced that their candidate vaccines are more than 90% effective.

If we focus on the first vaccine, we will be surprised that there is a world known person behind its manufacture. This individual is Bill gates. The foundation that the business and computer magnate has with his wife, Belinda gates, is behind the alliance of the American pharmaceutical company (Pfizer) and the German biotechnology company (BioNTech).

Former Gates Foundation Counselor at Pfizer

In February 2020, Pharmacist Pfizer appointed former CEO of the Gates Foundation, Susan Desmond-Hellman, to its Board of Directors. This choice was made while COVID-19 was being investigated. Shortly after arriving at the company, Pfizer became interested in BioNTech because of its innovative technologies.

But, curiously, German biotech company works with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Their first contracts last until 2019, when they signed several agreements to work in the research on immunotherapy vaccines to prevent HIV and tuberculosis.

Strategy Susan Desmond-Hellman

All of this indicates that it was the Desmond-Hellman who pulled the strings for Pfizer and BioNTech to come together and create one of the most hopeful vaccines to end a disease that has claimed the lives of more than 1,327,500 people around the world.