Coronavirus: Health is open to pharmacies to test if the CCAA present a detailed plan

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has modified his initial attitude regarding pharmacies being able to perform antigen tests, as requested by the Community of Madrid and Catalonia, and will finally study this option. However, Illa has indicated that the governments of the regions must present a “detailed” plan in order to put this measure into practice.

This was explained by the Minister of Health to the communities at the meeting of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System (CISNS) this Wednesday. “The Ministry recognizes the excellent work carried out by the pharmacy offices, which are key in the health system and, without refusing to increase their key participation, I have asked the communities that want to use them to carry out Covid-19 tests to do us come up with a plan in which they explain what to do and how they want to do it “, Illa explained.

Detailed information

The plan should include aspects relating to personnel, resources, personal protective equipment, records and facilities in pharmacy offices so that they can properly carry out the coronavirus detection tests, according to Europa Press.

In addition, the autonomous communities should explain “why they need to incorporate the network of pharmacies” to the virus detection work, relate what are the “objectives” of this work and specify how long the measure will be in force. They should also clarify the way in which the positives will be communicated to Health.

Specify test types

In his appearance, Salvador Illa highlighted the importance of the communities communicate the types of tests they intend to be carried out in pharmacies, and security measures that they are going to implant. “These are details that are important to know,” said the Minister of Health.

The Community of Madrid has recently insisted on the convenience of implementing this measure because it considers that it would be key to fighting the pandemic, an idea that the Government of Catalonia also supports. The Government will finally study this possibility, although it has warned that it is a technical debate in which there are legal reservations and professional groups.