Coronavirus | Germany prepares to start vaccination

Germany is preparing to start dosing the future COVID-19 vaccine. The good results shown by Pfizer and BioNTech have made the Government of Angela Merkel accelerate the deadlines to have the vaccination campaign ready as soon as the first remedies are received.

In fact, The German Chancellor has urged the 16 Länder to have vaccination centers operational as of December 15, to see if the supply of the vaccine can be started in the last weeks of 2020 or already in the first part of 2021. As reported this Sunday by the Welt am Sonntag newspaper, the 16 German states will have to draw up action plans to create one or two vaccination centers in each of the districts that make up the länder.

Although it has not yet been specified where these centers will be installed, it has emerged that the large exhibition halls, now without activity due to the pandemic, they are one of the options that federal governments handle.

Merkel warns of a harsh winter

Although Germany is preparing the entire infrastructure to start vaccination as soon as possible, German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned in her usual weekend speech that the country will face difficult winter months as a result of the increase coronavirus cases. “The coming winter will continue to demand a lot from all of us. The virus will continue to dominate our lives for quite some time ”, indicated the president.

Merkel warned of the harsh reality that will still be experienced in Germany and therefore ruled out easing the restrictions imposed to contain the large volume of cases. In fact, this Monday the chancellor, far from relaxing the measures, has proposed drastic new restrictions to the federal states, as reported by the agency dpa. After holding a meeting with leaders of his party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), he stressed that the current measures are not enough, despite a stabilization in the number of cases.

Drastic new restrictions

The new restrictions will not be known until next Monday and it will be this week when the central government together with the presidents of the federal states outline those measures. The latest information suggests that Germany could further restrict social gatherings and study the mandatory use of the mask in schools.

Germany has registered 10,824 new positives for coronavirus in the last 24 hours, 6,100 cases less than the previous day, and far from the peak that was reached last Friday, when 23,542 new infections were detected. Likewise, 3,500 patients are currently in the ICU, while another 15,000 are hospitalized on the ward.

The alert is therefore highest in the European country, which works on two fronts: on the one hand, to contain the transmission of COVID-19 applying the restrictions it deems necessary to do so; and on the other prepares the entire infrastructure to start administering the vaccine as soon as possible.