Life has stopped. The ball too. And the football has entered a quarantine with no exit date. Even if someone tries to find a return, the reality is that at the moment it is very uncertain. No one can assure that the ball will roll again in April, May, June or, directly, September.

The Federation is committed to ending this season in any way, but above all, ensuring the health of footballers, while League he wants to play again the sooner the better. It is a secondary thing to do it with or without an audience, although it seems like a utopia to see the stadium stands full of fans in a short time.

The situation is very complex, for some clubs dramatic. Despite the fact that the RFEF has done its part to try to ensure that all the teams can resist this crisis and their players continue to charge, the ERTE do not stop happening. In Second B comes one after another, something that could be expected, although what we were not prepared for was to see as entities with the economic muscle of Barcelona and Atlético they also welcome them to guarantee the viability of the club. At the moment, Real Madrid has not yet announced these measures. The economy of the entities is shaking and the longer this situation lasts the more complex it will be to get out of the well.

Money, dates and footballers

On the other hand, there is the issue of dates. The reality is that there is no day back. No one can know right now. Hypotheses accumulate, but do not go beyond that. Mere hypotheses. Starting in April is practically ruled out. Starting in May would be ideal, although it cannot be guaranteed. Starting in June would bring football to the end of July, and from that month on, everything is even more complex.

Finishing this season would start to be unfeasible before August so it should be extended to September, which means delaying the next course, where the Eurocup will be played in the summer. In short, the situation is very complex and the uncertainty very great.

And then there are the artists of this. Players. The physical trainers of the clubs They never tire of repeating that when they return to training they will have to do a preseason. Minimum two weeks of work to regain a completely lost physical form after confinement, despite the fact that all the players are working at home. Homes that are not all the same and in which not everyone can enjoy a fully equipped personal gym to maintain physical tone, since The competitive one is gone with the arrival of this damn virus.

Definitely, soccer is in a quarantine that no one knows how long it will last. Just like the life of all citizens. Waiting for this nightmare to end and praying for it to be as fast as possible is the only thing left for clubs and organizers.