The expander of the New Orleans Saints, Tom Dempsey, died at the age of 73, from respiratory complications caused by the coronavirus, the US press reported.

Dempsey he had been admitted two weeks ago when he contracted the Covid-19, but just last Tuesday he was released from the hospital where he was. Four days later his death occurred.

The former player of the Saints contracted the virus in a nursing home New Orleans, the city where he lived. There, the New Orleans Times-Picayune newspaper reported, more than 15 elderly people, including Dempsey, contracted the disease.

The expander is the second player in the NFL who dies for him coronavirus. Orlando McDaniel, former player of the Denver Broncos, died last Monday, also a victim of the ravages of the pandemic.

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Dempsey he was born without toes and right hand. Even so, he was able to sign, in 1969, as a free agent with the Saints, who adapted a special shoe so that he could kick field goals.

It was in that same campaign in ’69 that he hit a 63-yard field goal that was a record for the NFL as the longest field goal scored, until in 2012, Matt Pratter, of the BroncosHe snatched the mark from a 64-yard hit.

Dempsey also played for Oilers, Rams, Eagles and Bills, but decided to retire on New Orleans. His smooth shoe with which he played in the grills and obtained the record for the longest field goal, is exhibited in the NFL Hall of Fame, in Canton, Ohio.