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Although the great teams return to the field, he has other reasons not to go and they were accepted.

Chelsea is one of the English teams that has already trained again.



Futbolred Writing

May 21, 2020, 11:34 a.m.

While most teams resume their activities, on Thursday it became known that Kanté was absent from Chelsea’s Wednesday practice for fear of the covid-19.

According to The Guardian, the French player received the club’s permission to continue training at home, although he did not specify how long he will obtain this permission.

And it is that Kanté has lived closely the inclemency of respiratory diseases in his family, which is a key factor for receiving this permission. In 2018, Niamh, the footballer’s older brother, died of a heart attack before the World Cup in Russia was played and his father died when he was 11 years old.

Even, as reported two years ago, the same player passed out two years ago after a workout and although medical exams at the time did not reveal a heart attack, his family history keeps him alert.

That is why with the full backing of coach Frank Lampard, the Frenchman continues his preparation from home in the midst of the pandemic, although the other Chelsea players are supposed to be free of this virus.



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