The use of masks is already fully established due to the coronavirus pandemic. Its obligatory use in spaces where it is not possible to maintain the safety distance has accustomed citizens to always carry this protection element on them. Also, not using it when necessary can carry a fine of 100 euros.

However, face masks can be annoying at times and this can lead to the temptation to remove it often. In this sense, it has become frequent to see people wearing this object hanging from the elbow, wrist or fastened on the chin or neck. Experts point out that, in addition to being reckless, it is generally unhygienic.

Wear the mask in one of the ways mentioned It can cause other parts of the body to become contaminated and come into contact with other people that we may have close to at any given time, as well as with elements or surfaces that can be found on public roads or in the establishment where we are.

Should be stored when not in use

The recommendation is that the mask be stored when it is not worn correctly on the face to avoid possible risks. In addition, it should be done in the most hygienic way possible, avoiding placing it directly in some type of bag or, for example, leaving it on a table.

So that the mask does not suffer possible contamination and I am still effective, it is especially recommended to put it in a paper envelope before depositing it on a surface or in your pocket. A disposable handkerchief that covers it can also be used for this purpose, as well as a paper bag or pouch. At home, using cloth elements for this task is essential that it has been previously washed at around 60 degrees, an operation that will also have to be repeated after use.