The main concern of the authorities in countries that have already passed the worst of the pandemic is that there are no outbreaks of coronavirus that cause the pathogen to spread uncontrollably again throughout the territory, but it is inevitable that they exist. As recognized this Friday by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, in Spain in the last month and a half 34 new outbreaks have been detected, which have left 982 infections.

Sprouts in Spain

In recent weeks, outbreaks have been detected in Córdoba, in two hospitals in the Basque Country (Basurto and Txagorritxu) at a birthday party in Lleida, at a family reunion, in residences like Reus’s or in several slaughterhouses such as those in Lleida or Totana. However, where there are active sprouts is in the province of Cádiz, and in the town of Binéfar (Huesca).

In the municipality of Huesca, an outbreak has already been detected in a slaughterhouse, where 374 were infected. Now, a birthday party and a bottle of teens has left 19 positives. For his part, in Algeciras (Cádiz) there is an outbreak in a hostel in the town of Cádiz, 17 infected have already been diagnosed and 64 more people remain in isolation. In addition, in a military barracks in San Fernando, also in Cádiz, one person has tested positive, and 22 more people have been isolated who have had contact with them. The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, assured on Friday that all the new outbreaks are “under control.”

Main regrowths worldwide

Worldwide, the most important focus is right now on Beijing. In total there are already 227 cases (22 new positives were detected on Saturday) which have been detected in the Chinese capital since the wholesale market in Xinfadi, the largest in the city, had to be closed. Eleven patients are serious and two are in critical condition. The peak may already be exceeded and the trend is around twenty cases a day. 365,000 people related to the market have been tested and test tents have been set up throughout the city. 90,000 people have been confined to their home.

In the last few hours there has also been a major outbreak in Morocco, specifically in two two Spanish companies for the treatment of strawberries and other fruits, located near the capital Rabat. Total, 560 infections have already occurred between the two factories: 457 in the Frigodar one, located in Larache, and 103 in the Natberry one, in Natberry Maroc. The Interior Ministry of the African country has tightened prevention measures in the provinces of Larache, Uezán and Kenitra and a field hospital has been set up in the east of the country that will receive about 700 patients from this Sunday.

Cases have also been detected in Europe. In Germany, according to the latest figures, at least 1,029 workers at a Tönnies slaughterhouse in the town of Guetersloh, in the center of the country, have become infected. For its part, three meat factories have also been closed in the United Kingdom. In Welsh, In the town of Anglesey have been confirmed 58 cases and in Wresham 38 employees have tested positive. Meanwhile, in the English city of Kober a meat factory has been closed, although How many workers have been infected is still unknown.