Colombian President Iván Duque has announced this Wednesday that the Government will assume 50 percent of the June wage payment for formal workers who collect the minimum from those companies that have decreased their income by at least 20 percent.

This measure, President Duque has pointed out during his regular appearance to address the situation of the pandemic in the country, will benefit four million people and will mean an expenditure of approximately 438,000 Colombian pesos (about 106 euros) for each of them.

“We must pay the premium for the month of June, but we must provide facilities. It is a right of the workers. If we want our country to continue progressing in the social sphere, we must stimulate that close, fraternal relationship between workers and employers,” said Duque. .

As for the other half of June’s salary, explained the Minister of Labor, Ángel Custodio Cabrera, companies will be able to pay it in two or three installments, depending on the agreement they reach with their employees.

In turn, Cabrera has also added that nearly 600,000 workers have been included, whose employment contracts were suspended during the outbreak of the health crisis, in the Solidarity Income program, with which the Government would pay them about 160,000 pesos (some 40 euros) “to cover part of your needs”.


On the other hand, Duque has announced that compulsory isolation will be maintained until August 31, coinciding with the deadline set for the health emergency, for all those who are included in the population at risk, such as children, the oldest of 70 years and those afflicted with previous illnesses.

All these people will be able to go out only three times a week and for half an hour, he said.

The president has argued that this decision is due to the fact that 49 percent of the people who died in the country from the coronavirus were over 70 years old. A percentage that increases, he explained, in relation to those over 60, who account for 72.5 percent of fatalities.

The balance of this Wednesday has left an increase in infections until 24,101, after the 1,001 new ones registered in the last 24 hours, while deaths have been above 800.

“The pandemic has not gone away,” stressed the Colombian president, who has insisted again, as in previous appearances, that if the government continues without reactivating social life, it is “because life must be protected and an illness adapted. it will be for a long time. “

Similarly, Duque has reconfirmed that classes will continue to be virtual, no bars or restaurants will be reopened, air traffic will continue to be closed, while the rest of the public transportation means will work at 35 percent of their capacity. It has also urged companies to encourage teleworking as long as possible.

The Government, has counted, will also be in direct contact with the departmental and local authorities for a particular evaluation of each of their territories, according to the situation that the evolution of the pandemic presents in them.