Coronavirus Coahuila and Durango February 23. Today’s news and cases

Millennium Digital, Brenda Alcalá and Esmeralda López

Coahuila and Durango / 02.23.2021 14:09:02

By announcing the progress of vaccination against covid-19 in Coahuila, the State Health Secretariat reported that there are already 14 municipalities in which the vaccine was applied, although some older adults did not agree to receive itAmong them, cases were known in Monclova.

In this regard, the communication area of ​​the Secretariat pointed out that the elderly or any other person can not be forced to receive immunization, so there is freedom in that once on the site, they can decide that they will not finally proceed to get vaccinated.

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Coahuila ranks sixth in the nation for health personnel infected by covid-19

Coahuila ranks sixth in the country for COVID-19 infections among its health personnel, according to the cutoff until February 15 that the Federal Ministry of Health has.

The report reveals that there are 224,898 members of the medical community infected by the new coronavirus throughout the country, and although it does not specify the exact number of cases in this entity, it places it in a range of less than 20,000 cases.

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Coahuila reports hospital occupancy due to covid-19 at 16 percent

The governor pointed out that the discipline that people have demonstrated around the covid-19 pandemic has allowed a gradual and safe return to economic activities. He highlighted that today in the entire state there is no more than 16 percent of hospital occupancy.

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Hospital occupancy of patients with covid-19 in La Laguna de Coahuila at 14.4%

The governor of Coahuila, Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís, announced that there is a significant downward trend in hospital occupancy by patients with covid-19.

While in the state there is 17 percent, in the Laguna Region, which represents 32 percent of the total cases in the state, it reaches 14.4 percent in occupied beds, while there are 15 percent occupancy of intensive therapy spaces with ventilator.

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