Coronavirus Coahuila and Durango February 21. Today’s news and cases

Coahuila and Durango. / 21.02.2021 10:02:05

Mexico adds 179,797 deaths from covid-19, 832 more than yesterday, and registers 2 million 38 thousand 276 accumulated cases of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, according to the report released by the Ministry of Health on February 20.

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In Coahuila, 1,304 active cases of covid-19 are now reported

Though The pandemic caused by the new coronavirus has subsided in some entities of the country, in Coahuila 1,304 active cases due to covid-19 are reported and this weekend the authorities report 195 new cases and 12 deaths, which is why the Ministry of Health keeps informing the population and requesting to stay at home if possible.

Regarding the 12 deaths, the authorities state that 2 deaths in Acuña, 3 in Piedras Negras, Saltillo were 3, in San Pedro 1 death was reported, in Torreón there were 2.

Regarding the distribution of new cases, Torreón is at the top of the list with 84 cases, followed by Monclova with 28 and Saltillo with 26. Allende reports 20 cases, Matamoros 7, Piedras Negras 5, Francisco I. Madero, Frontera and Sabinas 4 respectively, Parras de la Fuente 3; Castaños and San Pedro de las Colonias 2 respectively; while Acuña, Cuatro Ciénegas, Múzquiz and Zaragoza, one per municipality.

Similarly, Torreón tops the list of active cases with 318 infected people, Saltillo with 240 and Allende with 139 cases. The authorities report that on February 20, 56,649 cases were recorded in Coahuila, including 5,582 deaths.

At the moment there are 264 people hospitalized, with suspected and confirmed cases, locating 101 people in Torreón, 92 in Saltillo, 24 in Piedras Negras, 23 in Monclova, 16 in Acuña and 8 in San Juan de Sabinas.

Regarding the total of patients recovered in the entity, the health authorities refer 58 thousand 763 people.

Lerdo exceeds 1,900 accumulated positives to covid-19

Fernando Ríos, spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Durango, commented that This Saturday there were 72 new cases and 8 deaths from covid-19. Reaching a cumulative of 2 thousand 042 deaths. In Gómez Palacio, no positive cases were registered.

Active cases are 954 active cases, a lower number than in previous days. At the moment 598 people are with the possibility of contagion and 130 in the town hall of Gómez Palacio.

The new confirmed cases are distributed as follows: 19 in Durango, 11 in Lerdo, 10 in Guadalupe Victoria, 8 in Tlahualilo, 5 in Tamazula, 3 in Hidalgo, 3 in Ocampo, 2 in Canatlán, 2 in San Bernardo, 2 in Tepehuanes, 1 in Canelas, 1 in Guanaceví, 1 in Mapimí, 1 in Peñón Blanco and 1 in San Juan de Guadalupe. Of the deaths, 3 correspond to the municipality of Gómez Palacio, 2 to Durango, 1 to Cuencamé, 1 to Lerdo and 1 to Nombre de Dios.

Finally, he said that there are 135 hospitalized patients, of which 44 are reported serious. As of Saturday, 24,234 people have recovered in the entity.