Coronavirus | China says its vaccines are as effective as Pfizer’s

Leading Chinese Expert Zhong Nanshan has assured this Monday at the opening of a forum on biomedicine in the city of Canton that the vaccines against the coronavirus that the Asian country develops are as effective as that of Pfizer, which recently announced a 90% effectiveness in the drug that it develops together to BioNTech. “Research and development of vaccines in China are at a similar level to that of Pfizer, which can prevent 90% of infections ”, Nanshan said, according to the Journal of Science and Technology. The expert also indicated on state television CCTV that the rate will not be released “until the results of the first phase of tests ”.

Likewise, the expert has pointed out that “today, the pandemic has raised many issues that have not yet been resolved, As the origin same of the coronavirus, or what specific medicines use to combat it ”. Now, in fact, British researchers consider that combining vaccines may be a solution.

Four vaccines in progress

Currently, there are four vaccines from three Chinese companies in the third phase of testing. First, there is the Sinovac, which suspended clinical trials in Brazil after registering a “serious adverse event”. However, the sanitary regulatory body of the South American country authorized its resumption this Wednesday. On the other hand, Sinopharm Is developing two independent projects at the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products and the Beijing Institute of Biological Products. Both are very promising and are based on inactivated viruses. Finally, we have the vaccine CanSino Biologics, a viral vector drug. Being also a subunit vaccine, a new generation formula that does not contain pathogens, is characterized by its security.

To these should be added those of another consortium in which the Asian country participates, like the one formed by the china Fosun Pharma, the german BioNTech and the american Pfizer. Also, on July 22, China authorized the use of vaccine candidates against COVID-19 in certain cases, and the director of the Science and Technology Development Center of the National Health Commission, Zheng Zhongwei, noted in September that have shown no adverse effects.

At the time, Zhongwei did not reveal a date for Chinese vaccines to be applied on a large scale, but he did indicate that the Asian country plans to manufacture 610 million doses of the coronavirus drug before the end of this year and 1 billion in 2021, which would already be “affordable to the public.” In this way, China aspires to become the first country in the world to produce a large-scale vaccine against the coronavirus. To do this, it has half a dozen developing countries, including several Latin Americans, participating in the final phase of clinical trials of various projects.