Ceuta could return to the initial box of the de-escalation. Javier Guerrero, Minister of Health of the autonomous city, has admitted the existence of an “unusual and very important rebound”. This setback it has raised the active cases to 22 and the people in home isolation to 271.

“At the epidemiological level we have surpassed Murcia, the Balearic Islands, Melilla and even Andalusia and actually we have a number of isolations and cases that does not occur even in Madrid Guerrero has regretted, which has also shown his “major concern”.

Because of this, the Ceuta adviser has revealed a conversation with Salvador Illa, Minister of Health: “He told me that if we continued like this, we would return to phase 0.” Due to this setback, Guerrero It has also ruled out requesting progress towards phase 3.


Therefore, the counselor wanted to issue a warning to the population: “If we are not responsible, we expect to go back, since 2 positives and 80 isolates have been detected because of a birthday party. This cannot be, because You can have meetings of 15, but not parties. “

“We must act against irresponsible attitudes because I have seen many terraces and bars that are not complying with the regulations and we we are going to begin to denounce attacks against public health because there are many groups that do not comply with the measures. Ceuta needs the responsibility of all Ceuta people “Guerrero added.


Julián Domínguez, head of the Preventive Medicine Service of the National Institute of Health Management (INGESA), also has claimed to be “very concerned” by the outbreak in the last hours. The doctor wanted to remember that there have been parties or family events in which The distance has not been respected and that is why contagions have increased.

“From a family of 5 people, they are all infected”Domínguez assured. For this reason, 271 people are under surveillance, which it practically rules out that the autonomous city may be ready to go to phase 3.