Coronavirus cases increase for three weeks


PThe third consecutive week increased the positivity of tests, with 14% of cases of covid-19 and the number of estimated cases announced yesterday by the Ministry of Health, of 33 thousand 548, is the highest since March 28, according to with the chemical engineer, Alejandro Cano, who keeps a timely follow-up, through his Twitter account @AlejandroC_IQ.

Health authorities also reported 278 deaths from covid-19, totaling 232,346.

While the occupancy of general beds is 17% and beds with a ventilator, destined for critical patients is 14%, according to the daily technical statement of covid-19.

At the cut-off at 9:00 p.m. yesterday, it was reported that on Thursday, June 24, 629 thousand 439 doses of vaccines against covid-19 were applied.

At a general level, from December 24 to yesterday, a total of 42 million 791 thousand 467 doses have been applied to health personnel, educational personnel, adults over 60 years of age and over, people aged 50 to 59 years and 40 to 49 years.

So far, 33% of the population in Mexico is vaccinated, that is, 29 million 520 thousand 485 people, of which 62% (18 million 350 thousand 137) have the complete vaccination scheme and 38% (11 million 170 347 thousand) half scheme.


The five entities with the highest vaccination coverage among their population are Baja California (77%), Mexico City (51%), Tamaulipas (40%), Yucatán (40%) and Zacatecas (40%). While Chiapas (15%), Puebla (23%), Guerrero (26%) and Oaxaca (27%) are the most lagging behind.

Finally, our country has received from the laboratories 51 million 748 thousand 275 doses of vaccines against covid-19, 20 million 488 thousand 065 from Pfizer BioNTech, 13 million 514 thousand 900 from AstraZeneca, eight million from SinoVac, 4 million 645 thousand from Sputnik V, three million 750 thousand from Cansino and one million 350 thousand from Janssen.

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