Florida coronavirus cases rose to 142,434 on Tuesday after 6,093 new positives and 58 additional deaths were reported in the state, the Florida Department of Health reported.

In the last seven days, 48,928 new cases were reported: 6,093 on Tuesday, 5,356 on Monday, 8,530 on Sunday, 9,585 on Saturday, 8,942 on Friday, 5,004 on Thursday and 5,508 on Wednesday. The average number of cases in the last week is 6,989 cases per day.

Miami-Dade now has 36,820 cases and Broward 15,624. The two counties have the highest number of infected people in the state, where 3,505 people have already died from COVID-19.

In addition, Palm Beach County has 14,150 positive cases and Monroe 259. A total of 14,580 people have been hospitalized in the state during this outbreak, which does not mean that they are all hospitalized at this time.

In the center of the state, Hillsborough County records 10,752 cases and Orange has 10,314 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

In the Southwest, Lee County records 5,588 positives and Collier County 4,225.

Governor highlights increasing evidence

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, close to President Donald Trump, is reluctant to back down on the economic reopening and also to order the mandatory use of facemasks at the state level.

In counties such as Miami-Dade, Broward, Hillsborouh and Orange, this measure and that of maintaining social distance and not allowing meetings of more than 50 people do apply, and people and businesses that do not comply with the rules are being sanctioned.

At a press conference in Pensacola over the weekend, DeSantis gave no indication that he plans to change his revival plans, or suspend major events planned for August in Florida such as a youth athletic championship or the final act of the National Convention. Republican in which Trump will accept the candidacy for the presidential elections of November of this year.

On the rise of the cases, he said that there are people who believe that “this has ended and this is not the case,” but he was confident that if people are able to comply with the guidelines, the contagion curve will be flattened.

In a message to youth, the age group in which the incidence of the virus has increased the most in recent weeks, urged them to take the tests because asymptomatic people can infect other people without knowing it and put elderly relatives at risk. like their own grandparents, and to be responsible in their behavior.

4th of July without crowds

Carlos Giménez, Mayor of Miami-Dade, announced that all the county’s beaches will be closed to the public from July 3 to 7, to prevent the celebrations for July 4, US Independence Day, from giving rise to more infections He noted that he is forced to do so because there are people who are not responsible.

“When there are people who are not going to be responsible and are not going to protect themselves and others from this pandemic, the government must act and re-establish common sense to save lives,” she said.

The county mayor recalled that not only people, but businesses that do not respect the “new normal” rules risk fines and the temporary suspension of licenses to operate, just like in neighboring Broward County.

In addition to the closure of beaches, meetings and parades of more than 50 people will not be allowed in Miami-Dade for whatever reason between July 3 and 7. The meetings of five groups of no more than 10 people each are authorized, with masks and keeping the distances between each one.