The American musicianJohn Prine, a great and influential folk and country figure, died in Nashville at the age of 73, after being hospitalized two weeks ago with the new coronavirus. Although he did not enjoy popularity with the general public of other colleagues in the folk and country scene, Prine was a musician well liked by fans and artists, who considered him one of the best composers of his generation. Prine had a long history of physical mishaps and health problems, having suffered from cancer on several occasions.

Kris Kristofferson, a star in those years, was key in the beginnings of Prine’s career as a musical godfather. Kristofferson was not the only one who sang Prine’s compositions, since other stars such as Johnny Cash or Joan Baez have also covered their songs. Among musicians he has always been highly admired. “Prine’s work is pure Proust-style existentialism,” praised Bob Dylan.

Prine’s passing quickly became a Twitter trend and stars of all kinds, from the world of literature toStephen Kingto the cinema withOlivia WildeThey paid tribute to the artist on social media. “Here on E Street, we are devastated by the loss of John Prine,” he said.Bruce Springsteen.

On the other hand,Allen garfield, an actor who appeared in films like “Nashville”, “Superdetective in Hollywood II”, “The Conversation” or “Cotton Club”, has died at the age of 80 due to COVID-19. After studying at the Actors Studio in New York with illustrious colleagues such as Elia Kazan and Lee Strasberg, Garfield was known for playing corrupt and evil businessmen and politicians. Other titles include Billy Wilder’s “Front Page” and Woody Allen’s “Bananas”.