Coronavirus.- Brussels supports Macron’s proposal to distribute 5% of vaccines among poor countries


The European Commission has indicated this Friday that it supports the proposal of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, to distribute 5 percent of all vaccines among poor countries, ensuring that the initiative is in line with the European idea of ​​establishing a single mechanism for send vaccines to third countries.

“We are in favor of the idea of ​​sharing a percentage of vaccines, but the distribution will be based on the will of the member states that are free to decide the number of vaccines to redirect,” said the Commission’s Cooperation spokesperson, Ana Pisonero , when asked about the proposal enunciated by Macron in an interview.

The spokeswoman has thus avoided commenting on the figure put on the table by France, which has suggested that it is 5 percent of the vaccines acquired in the framework of the joint purchase of Europe, and has limited herself to saying that the initiative fits with the European spirit.

In an interview with the Financial Times, the French president claimed to have discussed the idea with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who would have endorsed the plan.

In reality, Brussels is working on establishing a one-stop shop to coordinate the delivery of vaccines to poor countries, with a mechanism at the European level that can be integrated into the COVAX initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO).

To this end, it has been in negotiations with the member states for weeks to decide how to articulate this tool. It is also in the dialogue phase with pharmaceutical companies to ensure that part of the doses received by EU countries can be derived.

In a parliamentary appearance in early February, the Commissioner for International Cooperation, Jutta Urpilainen, insisted that vaccination must be a race “against the virus” and not “against each other.” “I do not understand that there should be competition. We have a clear commitment to take care of partner countries,” he told MEPs. 18:53