Bolivian authorities have reported this Friday that the quarantine in force in the department of Santa Cruz and in the city of La Paz is extended until May 31 to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

In the case of Santa Cruz, the department’s government secretary, Vladimir Peña, has specified that, from June 1, “adjustments” of the containment plan currently being carried out in the territory will be carried out with the aim of minimize cases of contagion.

Precisely, Peña has reported that this Friday Santa Cruz, the area most hit by the coronavirus in Bolivia, has reported the highest number of infections since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in the department in March, has collected the local newspaper ‘The Duty’. Thus, a total of 251 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed, which has brought the positive number to 3,665 in Santa Cruz.

As for La Paz, the host city of the Bolivian Government, it still remains in the “high risk” category of coronavirus infections. The mayor, Luis Revilla, has specified to Radio Fides that, from June 1, the quarantine will be relaxed in the town and the confinement will go to a middle phase that will allow a partial return to work activities.

As of that date, 40 percent of public transport would return to operation and various businesses will be able to resume their activities under strict compliance with security regulations and the control of the Bolivian Armed Forces, according to ‘Page Seven’.

However, Revilla has warned that if COVID-19 infections increase in La Paz after the flexibilization, it will return to a rigid quarantine. The department of La Paz has confirmed this Friday six new cases of coronavirus, which add up to 381 in total.

This Friday, Bolivian health authorities have registered 392 new cases of coronavirus, raising the balance to 5,579. The department of Santa Cruz is followed, as most affected, by Beni, who has 1,015 cases of COVID-19, and La Paz, with 381.