The United States continues to fuel the hypothesis of China’s responsibility for allegedly “hiding” information about the “severity” of COVID-19, while failing to slow the spread of the coronavirus, which now exceeds 1.3 million cases across the country.

This Monday, a coalition of 18 state prosecutors, identified as from the Republican Party, the same as US President Donald Trump, asked Congress to investigate the Chinese government for the management of the disease.

“Recent reports suggest that the Chinese Communist government purposely withheld information about the severity of the virus, while storing personal protective equipment,” reads a letter sent by prosecutors to congressional leaders, including the president of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, and Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell.

The letter supported the thesis put forward by the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who affirmed during a recent interview with the ABC News television network that the United States Government has “enormous amounts of evidence” that the new coronavirus originated in a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan, something that Beijing denies.

Prosecutors, whose action is in addition to a lawsuit filed on April 21 by Missouri against the Government of China, the Chinese Communist Party and officials and institutions of that country, ask to hold China responsible “for the devastation and destruction caused by COVID -19 “.

Meanwhile, the figures of the pandemic do not remit in the United States, which remains the country most affected by the disease, with more than 1.3 million positive cases and 80,000 deaths.

Despite this, Trump insisted on Monday that his country is the one that has carried out the most coronavirus tests worldwide “by far”, without taking into account the size of the population, and that infections are falling in the country , something that the ascent curves of the number of cases deny.

However, more and more areas of the country are looking to return to normality, the most recent case being New York, where three regions of the north of that state will begin the first phase of the economic reopening next Friday, although not the Big Apple. , the city that has lost the most lives in the midst of the pandemic, with 26,641 deaths.

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In his daily update, Governor Andrew Cuomo noted that the state has returned to where it was “on March 19, before falling into the abyss of the COVID-19 virus,” after registering 161 deaths and 488 new cases since on Sunday, so that “all the arrows point in the right direction” for the lifting of his executive order of “pause” for next Friday.

However, New York City, which only meets four of the seven factors to gradually regain its normal pace, will have to wait until June “unless a miracle occurs,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday.

“June is when we will potentially be able to make real changes if we continue to make progress,” said de Blasio, who warned against a possible boomerang effect if activity in the city reopens too soon.


The spread of the coronavirus, which has already knocked on the doors of the White House with three infected collaborators, has led to employees in the west wing, where the oval office is located, among others, being ordered to wear a mask.

In a memorandum, staff were encouraged to cover their faces “whenever social estrangement is not possible,” a move released after it became known that a personal assistant to the president, vice president’s press spokesperson Mike Pence, and an adviser of Ivanka Trump, daughter of the head of state, tested positive for COVID-19.

In addition, three experts from the White House response team, including the main epidemiologist of the United States Government, Dr. Anthony Fauci, decided to take social distancing measures.

Trump and Pence, meanwhile, have refused to wear a mask in public.