Apple and Google have launched their application programming interface (API) so that countries can create contagion tracking applications. For the moment, distribution has begun among 22 health authorities in the world and now each one will have to develop a tracking system for people who have been in contact with infected people.

In order to carry it out, Bluetooth low energy technology is used, through which smartphones can be detected each other over short distances, between 0 and 2 meters, in addition to respecting the privacy of each individual. Therefore, mobile phones in contact with other mobile phones will be identified and GPS geolocation is not used.

With these applications, It will seek to detect if two people have been nearby in the last during the period of time determined by the authorities. sanitary of each territory. If one of them reports having tested positive, a notice will be sent to everyone with whom she has had contact.

In order to create this system, several technical barriers have had to be overcome. Perhaps one of the most important is that Apple and Google phones are not prepared to detect each other. Other important challenges are getting the general population to believe that the application is useful, that it respects their privacy and adopts it en masse.

Spain will use this technology

The Government has confirmed today that it will create an application for next June.. Therefore, you have already requested access to this API created by Apple and Google that aims to help in the fight against the pandemic.

This was explained Nadia Calviño, Vice President and Minister of Economy: “We are working with the Canary Islands Government for it to develop there the first pilot for the establishment of this app to support the health system that has to be perfectly respectful of the rights of individuals and the protection of privacy and people’s privacy. “