The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the economic, social, and health model as it was configured, and families have seen their way of life overturn overnight by COVID-19. The Government has acted accordingly and has promoted multiple social measures to alleviate the crisis that has originated, but it happens that the information has been so enormous and the speed with which these aid have had to be approved, that Many citizens do not know exactly what these benefits are, what are the conditions to qualify for them or how to apply for them if they meet those requirements.

Therefore, the Civio Foundation he has collected on its website the main measures taken by the government, not including those set by autonomous communities or local entities. To do this, it has promoted a kind of simulator in which according to the personal situation of each person, the aids that a citizen can access are shown.

Personal situation information

The assistant does some simple questions, in a very intuitive and simple way, that have to do with the work situation of each person, if you are employed or self-employed, if you have a company or are self-employed. Under the answer, other questions arise. Reference is also made to type of home you live in that citizen (for rent or property).

Type of help, information and how to request it

After gathering the appropriate information, The system shows you the aids you can choose, with a link that contains all the information on that benefit and how to request it. The simulator breaks down the aid in four main fields: on the one hand, the minimum vital income. Secondly, all the housing-related aid that has been promoted since the outbreak of the pandemic. Lastly, in labor matters, on the one hand, the benefits that workers have for others are specified, and on the other, the aid and lines of credit that may be required by self-employed workers and companies.

Civio’s goal is none other than helping people in this difficult situation, where the speed with which events have developed has been such that there have been government measures that have been overlooked. The best thing in this case is to go to this virtual assistant to check whether, depending on your personal situation, you can process any social benefit.