Coronavirus | Aguado wants to test free antigens for all Madrid residents before Christmas

Ignacio Aguado, vice president of the Community of Madrid, announced this Tuesday the request he has made to Salvador Illa, Minister of Health, to convene a face-to-face meeting of the COVID Group this week with the objective that the Government “authorize” them to carry out antigen testing in pharmacies “To reach more people.” “Hopefully we can unblock this issue and not take five months as with the PCR at origin that we have been asking for in recent months,” he said.

The objective of Aguado, as he himself revealed in La Sexta, is “Before Christmas all the people of Madrid can take a test before seeing their families” and that these are “free for the population”. Along these lines, Aguado has revealed that the regional Executive has already has bought five million tests, although “more would be bought” if necessary to carry out this initiative that “would be a revolution, a before and after”. In addition, he has defended that “the strategy of doing massive tests is working” because I know how in Madrid “The curve is being controlled”.

Promises more information

The vice president has recognized that these tests offer “A still photo”, that is, an image of the moment in which the samples are analyzed. Therefore, the regional government has proposed to offer more information to citizens about them and also to the health system, since these data would be plotted and, from there, the health system would know how to act.

no time to lose, the protocols exist, in France they are doing it ”, Aguado insisted, who has ensured that to continue contributing to the descent of the curve in the Community of Madrid, in addition to the individual responsibility, it is necessary to do massive tests with the ultimate goal of lowering up to 25 incidence cases accumulated at Christmas. With the latest data, the region stands at 310 infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

A good Christmas

Looking ahead to Christmas, Aguado has commented that with the realization of rapid tests there will be more “tranquility” because “you have taken a test and you have tested negative, which is a good sign.” In addition, although he has confessed that these parties “are not going to be normal”, wanted to launch a “message of tranquility to the people of Madrid”, pointing out that “If we keep going down we will have a good Christmas.”

“I I don’t want to have a Christmas where I see my family on Skype, nor do I want to ruin the Christmas campaigns. I want to see my brother, I want to see my parents, they cannot be like other Christmases, but we will try to make them as God intended ”, said the Citizen. Although he has also warned that “We play a lot” during the holidays because “we are entering winter and from a health point of view winters are complicated”.

We must not lower our guard

The Community of Madrid chains seven consecutive weeks of decline in infections, as revealed this Monday by the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero. The same day the region notified 324 new cases of coronavirus, of which 146 correspond to the last 24 hours and the rest to previous days, and 25 dead more in hospitals. In addition, Ruiz Escudero also revealed that at the end of last week “Madrid hospitals have 127 fewer patients hospitalized than last week, 82 of them in the hospitalization floors and 45 less in ICUs, to which are added 70 new entries less also than the previous week ”.

Undoubtedly, these are encouraging figures, but Aguado has been cautious, pointing out that “the fact that the curve goes down does not mean that you can raise your guard”, but on the contrary: “You have to lower that curve as much as possible before Christmas and then stay prudent and not think that we have defeated the virus. We will beat the virus when there is a vaccine ”.