Corning Announces New Gorilla Glass for Smartphone Lenses

Corning announced new reinforced glass to protect smartphone camera lenses. These glasses called Gorilla Glass with DX Y Gorilla Glass with DX + they offer “advanced optical performance, superior scratch resistance, and durability” according to the company.

The DX variety of Gorilla Glass is not exactly new, but when used in camera lenses, since new challenges are added such as maintaining resistance while letting in the necessary light.

With this glass, Corning achieves both results, allowing 98 percent of ambient light to enter with the same resistance as traditional Gorilla Glass.

The company ensures that traditional anti-reflex lens covers allow 95 percent light entry, so, in theory, Gorilla Glass would allow the camera to perform better, with more light and information to achieve traditional effects. in photography that today are achieved by CPU power.

Corning assures that Samsung is the first company to use Gorilla Glass camera covers, suggesting that we could see this new Corning product at Samsung’s next Unpacked event on August 11th.

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