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An official deputy splashes Bolsonaro with suspicions about Indian vaccine

Brasilia, Jun 25 (.) .- A pro-government deputy reinforced this Friday the suspicion that the Brazilian government committed acts of corruption in the negotiation of anticovid vaccines with an Indian company and splashed the issue on President Jair Bolsonaro himself. The complaint made by the deputy Luis Miranda was endorsed by his brother, Ricardo Miranda, head of imports of the Ministry of Health, and refers to alleged irregularities in the contract of intention to purchase 20 million doses of the Covaxin vaccine, prepared by Indian pharmaceutical company Bharat Biotech. “I informed President Bolsonaro in March,” shortly after the contract was signed, the deputy said during a tense session of a Senate commission investigating possible irregularities that the government may have incurred in the face of a pandemic that has already killed more than 510,000 Brazilians. According to the legislator, Bolsonaro admitted that the matter was “serious”, looked him “in the eye” and affirmed that he would order an investigation by the Federal Police, which did not happen, and the negotiation continued, although so far none of the negotiated doses has arrived in the country, so the Government has not yet made any disbursement. Miranda confessed that the president confided to him that this was a “roll of a deputy” official, whose name he did not want to reveal. However, under pressure and through tears, he revealed that Bolsonaro said he was Ricardo Barros, the current head of the ruling party in the lower house. The deputy, who denounced having received threats, arrived at the Senate protected with a bulletproof vest and said “disappointed” with Bolsonaro and with the announced intention of the Government to accuse him of “slander” in court. “I do not understand so much anger with those who are helping to fight corruption,” he declared. A SUSPICIOUS CONTRACT AND “UNUSUAL PRESSURES” BY COVAXIN The issue has several edges. Lobbying groups and a Singapore-based firm are suspected of being paid part of the payment even though it was not in the contract and, according to information received by the commission, has a declared capital of just $ 1,000. There is also a local “intermediary” for the business, identified as Francisco Maximiano, investigated for corruption and owner of a company that has already “sold” drugs to the government that he never delivered. Unlike other deals with laboratories, which took more than six months and were direct contacts, in the case of Covaxim the deal was completed in 90 days, through intermediaries and for values ​​higher than other vaccines negotiated by the Government, which in this case they totaled 320 million dollars. The head of imports of the ministry denounced that, in addition to these “inconsistencies”, he was subjected to “atypical pressure” from his superiors and from the intermediary company itself to “speed up” the negotiation, something that did not happen in negotiations for other vaccines. The case already aroused the suspicions of the Public Ministry two months ago, which opened a “preliminary” investigation, and the Court of Accounts, which audits public spending and asked for explanations about “some improprieties” in the contract with Bharat Biotech. FRIENDLY FIRE IN THE TRENCHES OF BOLSONARO? Military metaphors are common in the statements of Bolsonaro, captain of the Army reserve, but at the commission hearing they were used by some opponents, who alluded to the figure of “friendly fire” to emphasize Miranda’s complaint. “Let it be clear that the person who presented the accusations here is a government deputy,” said Senator Omar Aziz, president of the commission. In fact, in addition to belonging to an official party, Miranda communes with many of Bolsonaro’s most extreme ideas, promotes the liberation of arms sales, is an evangelist and often accompanies the president on his motorcycle rides on weekends. Miranda himself alluded to that closeness. “He wanted to defend the president, because he needed to know and anticipate this corruption,” said the parliamentarian, who during the hearing had harsh exchanges of words with senators from the base of the Government, who accused him of being a “traitor” and trying “to scratch the image “of Bolsonaro. (c) . Agency

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