Corinne Deacon evokes the atmosphere at Les Bleues

The players of the France team met this week at Clairefontaine, in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, according to Corinne Deacon.

As a result of the epidemic situation, the Tournoi de France, which was initially due to start on February 17, had to be canceled. However, this did not prevent the France team from meeting this week in Clairefontaine, in order to prepare instead a double friendly double confrontation against Switzerland, in Metz, this Saturday evening and next Tuesday.

“There was a lot of listening, of exchanges”

The opportunity to renew ties after a year 2020 marked by tensions between Corinne Deacon and some of her players, captain Amandine Henry in the lead. However, the latter is not present with the rest of the group, due to a calf injury. What to avoid the cold… “We worked well, the atmosphere is good. The mix between old and new is very good. There was a lot of listening, of exchanges. I hope that all this work will be reflected tomorrow (this Saturday) on the ground, ”said the coach at a press conference.

“They are very happy to be there”

And to add: “I can assure you that they are very happy to be there. The France team, even they say it, is the highest level. We are in optimal conditions. The Clairefontaine center took great care of us. They are very happy to be there, they eat football, they live football, they are also curious. This is what changes with the old ones, who are used to being there, they are not satisfied. They ask a lot of questions. It creates emulation and it is rather positive ”. Does it bode well for the future?

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