Corinna sues Juan Carlos I for “illegal surveillance”

Statement by videoconference of Corinna Larsen in the trial against the retired commissioner and in provisional prison José Manuel Villarejo. (Photo: Europa Press)

Corinna Larsen has sued King Emeritus Juan Carlos I before the High Court in London, and requests, in addition to being compensated for the “illegal surveillance” suffered by the Spanish secret services, that her ex-lover cannot come within 150 meters of any of their residences, as published by the Financial Times on Tuesday.

In the complaint, which was filed last December and has not been known until now, the businesswoman accuses the former monarch and the Spanish secret services of “illegal surveillance” in the United Kingdom and of harassing her since 2012 through threats, defamation and covert espionage.

According to the publication of the United Kingdom, the defense of Juan Carlos I has not yet responded to the claim, although it has yet to be decided whether the English justice is competent to investigate a former head of state of another nation who does not live in the United Kingdom. .

Larsen has denounced in various interviews and even during his appearance as a witness in a trial in Spain Рin the first that has been held against retired commissioner Jos̩ Manuel Villarejo Рthe harassment he says he has suffered since 2012, when their relationship came to light after of the trip they made together to Botswana, so that he does not reveal state secrets that, according to her, they accuse him of having in their possession.

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.


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